Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How To Do Best Presentation

I don't have any special tips for doing the best presentation. Even me, myself not really good in presentation especially in English. I am still learning. But I just wanna share what I found to do best presentation. This is not a rare or special tip maybe most of you already know all those tips. 

1. Be Confidence
Always Have confidence even the moment you feel nervous. Everybody feel nervous and so do I. hehe. Besides that, have confidence with yourself first and improve your personal development. Then, you will see the result. Jeng. Jeng.

2. Delete all the excess text from your slides
Delete all the excess text that the audience can read by themselves. Just put the important that you want to highlights and explain like tell a stories.

3. Always rehearse
Practice make perfect. You can practice in front of the mirror. 

4. Be passionate with what you want to present
Be passionate with the topic even sometime you feel don't like the topic. Try to find something that help you feel passionate with the topic.

5.Tell a stories
Everybody love to listen to a story but I think not everybody. But if interesting story everybody will listen even they doesn't interested with the topic. Even me difficult to tell a stories. 

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